Back from Hiatus!!

Hello everyone! It’s L.K. Kuhl back from Hiatus! Sorry to be gone so long. I’ve missed all of you!! Between getting a full time job and taking care of my family I just simply ran out of time. But I’m back and eagerly beginning work on Fulfilled, book 3 of The Everlasting Trilogy. We got to find out what happened to Sophia, right? I can’t leave you guys hanging.

I did receive word that Chasm, my Romantic Suspense novel is coming out in paperback probably sometime in early December!! I’m ecstatic!! We all love holding those books in our hands right? So…to kick off this monumental event I’m going to be giving away a Signed Copy of Chasm to 1 lucky winner!!

WIN……….WIN…….WIN!!!!Kuhl Chasm

All you have to do is follow this Rafflecopter link:

and get entered to win!! Drawing will take place December 15th.  Have a great weekend everyone and I look forward to connecting once again!!

All my love,

L.K. Kuhl