Virtual FantasyCon! Only 3 days until blast off!



Good morning everyone! Just wanted to let you know that myself and a ton of other authors are taking place in a huge Facebook Event called Virtual FantasyCon. It will start on Oct 9 and end Oct 16th, so an entire week of funfilled events and games, including a scavenger hunt. I will share with you the links so you can participate! Here is the Scavenger Hunt site where you begin playing this Sunday, Oct 9th and each day you can visit a new blog and gather points. There are many Rafflecopter giveaways to get entered into as well as free books and swag:

On Oct. 12 is the Paranormal Day in which I will be participating in. It will feature a ton of Paranormal authors and gifts galore:

If you like Epic Fantasy, here is a link that is going on this Sunday, Oct 9th for the fantasy lovers.

I hope all of you can come and check it out! It will be great fun!!