Chasm gets a 5 Star Review from Readers’ Favorite!!

Got a wonderful 5 Star Review for Chasm, my Romantic Suspense Novel!!


Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

Chasm by L.K. Kuhl is a captivating suspense thriller. Taylor Vine is a happy housewife who is still in love with her husband of ten years. They have two beautiful children and Taylor feels that her life is perfect. Anticipating a romantic Valentine’s evening with her husband, she has the children in bed and the wine chilling. With the ring of a doorbell, her life spirals out of control. That night she discovers things are not as they seem and her life takes an unexpected turn. With her husband in prison and unsure of herself, Taylor takes the advice of her best friend and decides to leave Boston. Her decision to return to her roots and move her family across the country to the small town in Tennessee seems to be her best choice. However, going home brings back unwelcome and unpleasant reminders of her youth, and creates another set of complications. Taylor endeavors to adjust to living with the memories and horrors of her past and to not allow them to wreck her life in the present. While she is struggling to pull her life together, events begin to threaten the happiness that she is working so hard to achieve. Her past and present merge and now her children’s lives are at stake.

If you are a fan of suspense thrillers, then I enthusiastically recommend Chasm by L.K. Kuhl. It is an incredible suspense story that has many layers and Taylor is at the crux. The suspense snowballs until it climaxes into a magnificent finish. I could not put the book down until I had reached the final word. It is an amazing read! Taylor Vine is the main character, and she has to come to terms with what life has dealt her. It takes guts to face what she has to face, but like everyone else she has some character flaws. These flaws make her seem genuine and easier to relate to. I applauded her efforts to make a better life for herself and her children, despite her own childhood trauma. Each of the characters provides a significant part in this cliff-hanger suspense. This incredible thriller is appropriate for a more mature reader of at least eighteen, as it contains the use of alcohol, tobacco, and mild sexual overtures.

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